"Received the lantern today, this thing is quite the piece of work. Amazing functionality. When are you making more?"

Chris, Ontario, Canada – Chalwyn Tropic

"This thing is a work of art. I have to smile when I turn it on. The emitters are well-placed, the frosted glass diffuses the light, and the tint is terrific, so the light really reminds me of Coleman lanterns in my distant past. I almost wish it made a hissing sound like they did. Haven't run it for a long time yet, but so far my only complaint is I don't have three of them."

Alan, Illinois – Dietz Little wizard

"Just received my lantern from Panos a masterpiece. So well constructed with outstanding attention to detail. Expect this will get a lot of use this summer on the deck. The way that this was packaged was amazing in itself like it came from a high end retailer. Panos amazing work truly incredible this is the type of piece that keeps me coming back to this forum. Think this will be my first purchase of many. Well done sir."

Travis, California – Feuerhand 275

"The lantern is a big hit, and my folks are leaving with it for a 3 month trip in their motor home next month.  We are all very impressed with the obvious care and workmanship that went into this."

David, FLorida – Rhewum St2 x 2

"Just to let you know that the lantern is here and it is fantastic. Just had a quick look and installed cells, managed to get an adapter for charger so all set to go. You have done a great job, it is a great size and a beautiful lantern. Well packed so all arrived safely. Thank you again."

Kay, United Kingdom – Feuerhand 206

"For anyone who's deliberating about getting one of these beauties... Get them while you can. The price that Panos is asking for them is a steal considering the amount of workmanship and the parts and electronic expertise it takes to modernize them. And they're strictly small volume items. My lantern has been a centerpiece mood light at the dinner table in many a family gatherings and been out on a couple of barbeques. Great conversation starter. Beautiful, rustic, yet practical. And I just love the warm tint of the SMDs that Panos uses."

Jonathan, Singapore – KE MEVA 865 “Valia Calda”

"I've been using my lantern almost continuously for two weeks since it arrived and can honestly say there is nothing in the design I would change. The choice of emitters is perfect - lovely warm tint, reminiscent of hurricane lanterns from my youth. You have full control over the range, from a very low dim to the full output (350+). There are lots of well-thought out details from the low-power warning light, to the controller cutoff, to the frosting on the glass, to the packaging it arrives in. These are really spectacular pieces of work, well-worth the modest price! And Mr. Baroutologos is a pleasure to deal with and a man of infectious enthusiasm."

Dave ,Washington DC- KA BAT 158

"The lantern arrived in perfect shape. I just got back from the thanksgiving holiday. I am waiting for my protected cells to arrive. The lantern works great on AC power!  You are an awesome packer!!!!"

Dave, Pittsburgh – KB MEVA 864