Old authentic lanterns, when brought to workshop they pass 4 distinct phases before they end up in finished artifacts


Typical restoration involves:

  • Rust, old paint and dirt removalflame_treated
  • Lanterns are checked for irregularities, bent parts or loose parts, eroded spots etc. Those are fixed. Lanterns after that should look nice and be robust.
  • Modification metalwork for electrification
  • Degreasing and passivation

a) Bare metal lacquered
b) Paint – Priming then paintwork

Globes are meticulously cleaned and then frosted  nice and even on the inside.
Then baking to get durable finish and the right  tint.

This phase includes fastening & wiring of:

  • Light source
  • Red LED
  • Potentiometer
  • Cell holder / circuit
  • Power input terminal

Lamps  are checked for imperfections and all kinds of small things that make a difference.
Test running happens on batteries  and plugged to a charger for days at various settings.