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K5 – The “Valia Calda”


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Took its name form the last expedition used in its previous life as a normal petroleum hurricane lantern. I have used her in 2004 during a 5 days hiking expedition in one of Greece’s national forests called “Valia Calda” (warm valey) near Metsovo. From then on it has been resting on a cellar. So its a retrofitted, a genuine Made in Czechoslovakia 865 MEVA  lantern. Around 20 years olds. Originally blue painted is not now a red blood sprayed type shinny color. Handle, wick controller (on-off & dimmer) tank cap and wick controller holder are tin color (painted). Globe is white frosted (painted & baked) and labeled with my stamp on one side and written by hand “Valia Calda” on the other. In a standard mode, bot lid is opened and the battery holder along with the running circuits are seen. Goes with a 5v 2A 110-220v charger.     Tech Specs.

  • Fully decomposable. Globes can be replaced, bulbs and Li cells (batteries).
  • Smooth dimming few to 400 lumens (typical)
  • Smooth Light – No glare. Durable frosting on the globe.
  • On off switch incorporated to wick controller.
  • Rugged internal circuit with active short circuit protection (soft fused) and passive short circuit protection (PTC fuses). Baby safe, no fire hazard under any circumstances.
  • High efficiency and adjustable maximum power output (how much is lit at max). Can achieve as much as 450 lumens but in running time expense.
  • Typical bulbs have 15 x high efficiency Samsung SMD LEDs 25×25  mm pleasant warm white 2700K(default colour),  outputting around 120 lumens per watt. Bulbs are fitted to lantern’s body with GU10 sockets
  • High energy efficiency typically over 90% . (low heat)
  • Lasts around 6-7 hours with fully charged good Li 18650 cells (2200 mAh actual+ and at 0.9 amp draw or 350 lumens)
  • Smart IC boost circuit that maintains same luminosity irrelevantly battery charge state (FP5138b)
  • Standard 5mm red LED, indicates low battery voltage warning (3,2 and below) or when in charge mode, charging is completed (no current goes in)
  • Good quality components
  • Can work with 1-3 cells.

Warning Avoid contact with water, rain or prolong exposure to very humid environments. Tested to have some tolerance but not indefinitely. When replacing cells (batteries) correct polarity placement is a must! (see upon battery holder). Takes Protected cells!

Tips Typically, lantern’s  cells discharge with time. If the voltage level goes too low then permanent cell damage may occur. A rule of thumb is that in order to maintain a charge when the lantern is idling is to do the following: Turned on the lantern and turning the wick  controller to full power, if the red LED lights after 1min or so,  then charging must be given (1-2 hours for idling 3-4 months). From fully empty till to fully charged times vary depending the amount of cells inside. For all cells inside and for good quality, around 6-7 hours of charging is needed. For trickle charging and getting the most energy to go inside the cells, you have to do the following.. turn the lantern on at 1/3 of power and have the charger connected (red led on). No more than 1/3 and most of all no at full power since the charger goes in danger that way. (too much amperage draw)

Additional info In case of failure in some point in the future of the light bulb or desire for another color i can provide a new one too for a price. Bear in mind those LEDs are regarded as one of the most efficient in the industry today. Nonetheless, having the LED development running fast, in the not so distant future those lanterns could provide as much as 50% or even double light for same power input, by just replacing the bulbs.

Note Paint minor scratches, metal irregularities and internal circuit aethetic imperfections are inherently present due to the hand made manor of retrofitting The feeling that lantern radiates when you stare it cannot be conveyed by any photo!